I think I just watched the weirdest film of the year.

It’s about this pitch black alien wearing Scarlett Johansson suit, driving a van around Glasgow, picking up guys. All the guys she pics up are 4’s at best, but the thing is, she picking them up and inviting them to her place - it wasn’t scripted. It was actual guys thinking that this Scarlett Johansson lookalike is picking them up, no problem. You should see them how full of them selves they are. 

Anyway, she “seduces” them and they go with her to her lair, which is this, again, pitch black room, like sort of continuation of her or something, where they think they are gonna get laid, but are instead eaten. 

It all goes terribly wrong when she takes pity on one guy and rescues him from black void, albeit only temporary, and is now, with this new found compassion toward humans, left unable to eat them any longer, and human food just doesn’t taste as good.